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"God's Doves Release" has been with us before Dr. Luke wrote his Gospel of Luke; "I have seen the Holy Spirit descend from Heaven in the bodily form as a Dove." (Luke 3:22). Actually GodsDoves first began in that Big Inning (Gen 1:2) "...and the Holy Spirit of God gently swept over the surface of the waters." (Hebrew interlinear word for word translation).

All proceeds benefit Veteran's, Apostle Mary 501(C)(3) nonprofit charity.

FREE for our fallen Hero's who gave their life for us, in the line of duty.
Please call now to make plans 206-664-1945.

*Special Event Doves
*Ribbon Cutting Events
*Grand Openings, All Special Events!
A flock of GodsDoves provides a breathtaking shocking eventful show, that your event will be remembered for your guests entire lifetime. Several packages available. Pease call for pricing 206-664-1945

God's Power Prayer
If you have a prayer need, hold God's Dove close, say your prayer, then release God's Dove to return back to God. If your faith is larger than a tiny mustard seed, your prayer shall be answered. (Matt 17:20)

The Holy Spirit always appears as a Dove in the Bible. "I have seen the Holy Spirit descend from Heaven in the form as a Dove" (John 1:32).. "Jesus prayed for the Holy Spirit in the bodily form as a Dove" (Luke 3:21-22). "And immediately... he saw being opened the Heavens and the Spirit as a Dove descending towards Him" (Mark 1:10). "...and He saw the Spirit of God descending as a Dove..." (Matt 3:16).

Four Gospels (NT Law) Bible witnesses prove the Holy Spirit appears as a Dove. What are you waiting for? If you want to see the Holy Spirit, you need GodsDoves

*Wedding Bell Doves
GodsDoves mate for life, representing the newlyweds new journey together. A pair of GodsDoves are released to symbolize harmony with lasting peace, in the form of the Holy Spirit.

Traditionally, a pair of mated Doves are released to symbolise harmony and peace. They may be placed in our white cage, which can be opened by the wedding couple pulling on a cord together. Please call for pricing 206-664-1945

*Roof Top White Doves
GodsDoves fly encircling your event, all day from morning until dusk, from your evvents roof top. Please call for pricing 206-664-1945

*Mourning Cooing Doves
NEW! voice of God cooing,
Indoor cooing Doves

For interior Dove Release only. Magical Mourning GodsDoves, the voice of God cooing, finger trained to perch on your shoulder, and your finger too. Requires our staff supervision.

Trained Mourning Doves display their Dove profile for your event to view all day and/or evening, perching like a white Dove does, inside our white Dove cage.

These special inside only Doves, may
not be released for outside events, because Mourning Doves cannot be released into the wild, they require constant GodsDoves staff supervision at all times. Please call for pricing 206-664-1945

21 Dove Salute, releasing 21 GodsDoves. The 21-gun salute, is the highest honor rendered. The custom stems from naval tradition, when a warship would signify its lack of hostile intent by firing its cannons out to sea until all ammunition was spent. Its usage on Memorial Day indicates that even though individual Veteran may not qualify for a 21 gun salute, as a group, all deceased Veteran's do. Several package choices available, please call for pricing 206-664-1945

*Funeral Dove Release
7 to 1000 GodsDoves released at graveside. please call for pricing 206-664-1945

Funeral - A pastor has a comprehensive in-depth role not only at the funeral but beforehand, to support the family, providing them with comfort and assistance at the most challenging time of their life. Starting at $499, please call for pricing 206-664-1945

Releasing God's Dove with your prayer, sooths the grieving process. The experience is cathartic, as it helps to symbolize the "letting go" of a loved one gone too soon.

Why are Doves necessary at funerals?
For centuries, White Doves Release has offered a soothing closure in a time of sadness and sorrow, leaving those present with a feeling of hope for the departed. One Spirit Dove is released at the end of the graveside service. Family and guests may touch this Spirit Dove before, twelve Doves are released to celebrate closure.

What do 3 Doves mean at a funeral?
And then there are those who find comfort in releasing three Doves – signifying the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit – followed by a fourth Dove, for the parting spirit. You may also release a flock of Doves to represent the age of the deceased.
A single Dove is released by a close family member. Moments later a basket of six Doves is released and join with the “Tender Angel”. In a final act the companion Doves fly off together and help guide the Angel on its final journey home.

Funeral Doves
The release of two Doves symbolizes the departing of the deceased's spirit followed by the spirit Dove their guardian angel. The release of three Doves followed by the release of a single Dove signifies the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit guiding the soul of the deceased to Heaven.

Who releases Doves at a funeral?

Funeral Baptism? - Baptize for resurrection. Apostle Paul wrote, (1 Corinthians 15:29) "Else what shall they do which are Baptized for the dead, if the dead rise not at all?" KJV. Pease call for pricing 206-664-1945

*Mobile Dove Release
*DovesRV - Rescue Veteninary Hospital Rescuing at risk Doves.

Mobile travels anywhere inside the USA, to put on a Dove show for you. By appointment 206-664-1945. Trust only GodsDoves to fly safe, others may not.

*Memorial Dove Release Holy Spirit in the form of GodsDoves transcending to Heaven with your prayers to God through Jesus Christ.

Keeping it private, self release GodsDoves yourself in your private prayer, allows you to memorialize, and honour your lost ones who departed to soon

Trinity Release w/ three GodsDoves are released representing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. A single Dove is then released representing your loved ones sprit. They then all join together and escort your loved ones Spirit home. is a great choice to coordinate a memorial or Funeral, as he will be able to help with a majority of the arrangements, and he has heard of many creative memorial ideas to share with you. At the graveside, you can work with a funeral director, funeral celebrant and other staff who will be able to support you in planning either memorial or Funeral ideas.

*Fundraiser for your event.
*We provide you GodsDoves to race.
*You collect donation per mile Dove flies.
*GodsDoves race from you to us.
*Doves are GPS timed for fastest arrival.
*Everyone wins a prize!

Many other Special Events: Call or text for more information 206-664-1945
John Baptist is Back! 206-664-1945
SEE God's Holy Spirit descend in the
bodily form as a Dove! (Luke 3:22, John 1:32, Mark 1:10, Matt 3:16) Paul
Baptized Christian's twice! If they did not see
(Acts 19:2)

WARNING! Do not buy Doves from a pet store, they cannot be released into the wild.

Power Prayer Doves
Release GodsDoves yourself! Send your prayers to God, GodsDoves fly your prayer to the Holy Spirit. As GodsDoves put on an air show for you, they transcend unto the Holy Spirit.

GodsDoves serve as a symbol of peace, hope, and freedom of divine presence, purity, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. (Luke 3:22) reads: "and the Holy Spirit descended on him in bodily form as a Dove.

com starting at $199,
please call for pricing 206-664-1945.

GodsDoves come from God, and they return to God. As GodsDoves arrive from God, as you may imagine they have no leg band. As we receive each God's Dove, we attach a leg band to identify the Dove in the case of any accident, that Dove may be returned to us safely.

YOU Release

TRUST ONLY GodsDoves 206-664-1945
(They are not trained to fly in the wild.)

#1. GodsDoves must be released during daylight hours in 24 hours, and no later than one hour
before dusk tomorrow.

#2. Please release away from freeway traffic, as big semi trucks traveling 60 mph can cause harm to GodsDoves.

NOTE: If you choose a spot with no tall trees or tall buildings, you'll be able to view GodsDoves putting on their flying show for you.

#3. You will receive GodsDoves in a white wicker basket, this assures safe housing as critters will not stalk GodsDoves because they can't see them. The basket needs to be carried with the carrying handle pointed up always.

#4. GodsDoves are able to go without food for 24 hours, this is their added incentive for them to fly back to their nest safely. Because they are hungry for good food they are use to eating, they know that their favorite food is always awaiting for them at their home nest.

#5. GodsDoves require access to water at all times, a water dish full of water in provided in their white wicker basket. NOTE: GodsDoves white wicker basket should be kept in an area where water spillage will not be a concern, i.e. DO NOT place GodsDoves wicker basket in areas where your papers, computers, or any area that water spillage could cause any damage. We recommend placing GodsDoves wicker basket on top of a bath towel, that will absorb any possible water spillage.

Only release GodsDoves outside where water leakage will not be a concern. If the water accidentally drains all out before you are able to release, it's okay. GodsDoves may go without water until you release them no longer than 24 hours.

#6. Please store GodsDoves in a well vented cool shaded area, never in direct sunlight.

#7. DO NOT open to peak-a-look at GodsDoves, they will want to escape and transcend to Heaven, they are hungry and are anxious to fly home safely. Their mate is waiting for them to return. (GodsDoves mate for life.) If any GodsDoves do escape, please allow them to fly away quietly. If they escaped indoors, quietly shoo them outdoors in either the day or nighttime, and allow them to perch where they choose, quietly unmolested ubtil daylight, when they will then depart. NOTE: GodsDoves are trained to fly with their night vision, however they will not put a show on for you, at night they will fly to a safe spot to hide until the morning hours, when they then transcend to their home.

#8. It is advisable to pray your prayer immediately as you receive your GodsDoves, as GodsDoves could very well escape from your temptation to peak-a-boo to see GodsDoves in their secure cage. If GodsDoves do escape, there are no refunds and/or replacement.

#9 DO NOT release GodsDoves more than 100 miles from where you received them.

#10. You have paid a $75 deposit for each whie wicker basket cage, this deposit is returned to you when cages are returned. You are required to return the cage to the same location you picked up GodsDoves, and yopur deposit is returned to you then..

#11. Please DO NOT be tempted to keep GodsDoves longer than a 24 hour period of time. GodsDoves will not survive in your captivity, they are needing to return to their mate who is now presently setting on their nest. GodsDoves take turns setting on their nest, the Mother sets at night, and both the Dad and Mom take turns during the daylight hours. GodsDoves mate for life to their partner who is now waiting for them to return to their nest. This assures us they have all natures incentive to fly safely back home.

#12. GodsDoves are trained to fly safely home. To keep them from returning home, would simply be an act of animal cruelty, which certainly Karma, would frown upon.

Jesus promised,
"if you have faith the size of a little teeny tiny mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing is impossible for you." (Matt 17:20). Thank you, and may God bless you in the name of His Holy Spirit, AMEN!

Service Area
GodsDoves are headquartered in Spokane WA, serving the entire Northwest, from Seattle, King County to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. GodsDoves fly from 600 miles to 3000 miles tops. We recently released GodsDoves from Miami FL to Spokane WA in our cross country release. Their average speed is 30 to 60 MPH, taking a flock of twenty-four 4 to 14 days to arrive to Spokane.

.com nonprofit today has developed a mobile GodsDoves loft, for GodsDoves traveling to and from any area all over inside the United States, this includes a distance to Miami, FL. GodsDoves are highly trained to follow Apostle Mary Church loft, which explains GodsDoves may be released anywhere inside the USA by appointment, as GodsDoves need to travel first to be delivered to you for release outside Idaho and Washington State.

If your release area is outside Washington State and Idaho, we can schedule your WhiteDovesRelease
.com anywhere in the US by appointment. 206-664-1945.

What is any event without GodsDoves?
Doves may be placed in a cage which can be opened by pulling on a cord.

GodsDoves select only one mate for life, which is the perfect symbolism of marriage. In fact, the releasing of GodsDoves is an ancient ritual that symbolizes many of the elements of married life.

We'll show you how!
While GodsDoves Master Ceremonies can be requested to be present to help administer your event, those involved may even choose to hold and release the Doves themselves at the specified time.

Contact GodsDoves today to learn more!

A Dove speaks of love and togetherness.
There is no better way to express these sentiments than with white Doves release during or after your event.

GodsDoves symbolize love, peace, happiness, and prosperity, and can be released outdoors or indoors, we have GodsDoves trained for both interior or exterior events.

GodsDoves, ranging in number from two to 20, circle your event, and then fly away into the Heavens.

It is said that if GodsDoves are seen on your property, it will assure a happy home, good fortune, and ever-lasting love.

Gift Certificates
Want to give the gift of a WhiteDovesRelease for whom you love? At GodsDoves we will be happy to prepare a gift certificate for the appropriate GodsDoves Release package. Please contact GodsDoves 206-664-1945 or visit our ABOUT-US page for more information on our Gift Certificate program. RULES 206-664-1945
Pick-up GodsDoves today 206-664-1945
Trust only GodsDoves to
fly safe, others may not.
Jesus said “If you want to be perfect, sell your possessions and give to the poor, you will have treasure in Heaven. Then follow me.” Matt 19:21

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