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Jesus said it! (Matt 3:5)
Only way into Heaven
Is to be Adopted by God!
(Gal 4:5)

John Baptist is back!
BaptizingHolySpirit.com 206-664-1945
Now it's time to expect miracles if God's Holy Spirit descends in the bodily form as a Dove and remains upon you, God has adopted you into Heaven, the Kingdom of God! (Luke 3:22)

John Baptized all Judea (400,000 people plus Jesus), (Matt 3:5) with God's Dove, the Holy Spirit descending in the bodily form as a Dove and remaining upon them. (Luke 3:32) John Baptist's Dove is back today! 206-664-1945

John Baptist is back to prove a point.
With an important story that deals with mystery, suspense, and now the BibleEND cannibalism, you've never heard before. Jesus said the last days is today, as the Gospel has now been preached to the whole entire world. (Matt 24:14)

Who taught us? HowWeBaptize
Jesus can't be adopted,
because Jesus is already the biological Son of God. (Luke 1:26) Jesus can only example for us to know how we are to be Baptized, with God's Holy Spirit descending in the bodily form as a Dove upon us. (Luke 3:21)

John Baptist said to Jesus; "it is You who should Baptize me, not I you." Because He (Jesus) can't be adopted by His own Father. Jesus said to John Baptist, for "righteousness sake (Matt 3:15) let it be so," then Jesus exampled "righteousness," explaining visually the correct way HowWeBaptize.

Why Jesus can't be Baptized?
Because Jesus is already the Son of God; Jesus was conceived by God. Jesus's Dad is God. (Luke 1:26) Explains Jesus can't be adopted by His Dad, just as your biological Dad can't adopt you.

Jesus said the only way into Heaven is to be Baptized (adopted) correctly, with water and Gods Holy Spirit (John 3:5) adopting you (Eph 1:5) with Gods Holy SEAL. Jesus only exampled for us to know how Gods Holy Spirit can descend in the bodily form as a Dove to remain upon you!
(Luke 3:22)

If we're Baptizing correct today, why does prophecy (Rev 7:3) say? "Do not harm...until we have marked the slaves (Christians) of our God with the SEAL upon their foreheads." Obviously we're Baptizing wrong, now learn HowWeBaptize correct.

BaptiSEAL (Rev 7:3) When Gods Dove remain upon us, that's Gods Sign we have received Gods Holy SEAL of approval (adoption into His family). (Eph 1:13-14) It's Gods choice, not man's choice.

(Luke 3:21-22) is the most mistranslated verse in the entire Bible! Because Lucifer does not want you SEALED with Gods Dove. Why? Jesus said, the only way into Heaven is with water Baptism (John 3:5) and the Holy Spirit descending upon you in the bodily form as a Dove remaining upon you!
(Luke 3:21)

When Baptized
did you
SEE God's Holy Spirit
in the Bodily form as a Dove?
If not, you need Apostle Paul's 2nd Baptism.com

(Luke 3:21-22) as the most mistranslated verse in the entire Bible, because Lucifer does not want you SEALED with Gods Dove. So Lucifer spins the meaning to say something completely different. Compare the following examples with your Bible translation:

(Luke 3:21-22) exact GREEK to English word for word LearnReadGreek
.com translation, says;
"And it came about while were Baptized all the people also Jesus having been Baptized, also praying to be opened Heaven also to descend the Spirit Holy in bodily form as a Dove upon him, "also a voice out of Heaven to come,..."

The exact GREEK to English word for word LearnReadGreek
.com translation, says; "praying to be opened Heaven" not "Heaven was opened,"

The exact GREEK to English word for word LearnReadGreek
.com translation, says; "also to descend the Spirit Holy" not "the Holy Spirit descended."

The exact GREEK to English word for word LearnReadGreek
.com translation, says; "upon him" meaning "upon the people" praying. Not "upon Him" meaning Jesus. Why would people pray for Jesus? Literally nowhere in the Bible does anyone ever pray for Jesus, it's always the other way around, Jesus is praying for you!

The exact GREEK to English word for word LearnReadGreek
.com translation, says; "also a voice out of Heaven to come,..." not "And a voice came from heaven."

Your Bible translation reads: "
Heaven was opened, and the Holy Spirit descended upon him in bodily form like a dove. And a voice came from heaven." NOTE: Your Bible says "him" is Jesus, not as "you." Yes/No?

Lucifer wants to confuse you, Lucifer uses translators to twist our Bible verses,
especially in this (Luke 3:21-22) verse, Lucifer changed the exact GREEK translation to mean Heaven opened for only Jesus, and God's Holy Spirit in the bodily form as a Dove only descended upon (him) is Jesus, not you.

This is the exact same spinning of Scripture Lucifer did to Jesus in the wilderness, saying;
"If you are the true Son of God, change these stones to bread," Jesus responded, "man does not live by bread alone but by every word of God." (Matt 4:4)

If you are not reading the original Greek, then someone somewhere is translating spinning Bible verses for you. The secret to translating the Bible, is to never ever allow anyone to translate Gods word for you. We live by every word of God. (Matt 4:4) LearnReadGreek
.com in four easy lessons, Jesus did not speak English, He spoke Greek 99% of the time. First lesson is FREE, we ask a $99 donation, we guarantee you will learn basic Greek in four weeks, or your money back guarantee!

CALL your Church NOW (before it's too late) to contact Apostle Mary disciples 206-664-1945 to receive Apostles Peter, John, (Acts 8:17) and Apostle Paul (Acts 19:5) 2ndBaptism @your Church "Gods Holy Seal" (Gal 4.5) adopting YOU. You will see GodsHolySeal exampled by Jesus' Baptism with the Holy Spirit (Luke 3:22) in the bodily form as a Dove remaining upon YOU!
(John 1:32) (Mark 1:10) (Matt 3:16)

Apostle Paul Baptized Christian Disciples twice! (Acts 19:6) Exampling HowWeBaptize.com is God adopting you. This is a very serious ceremony (if you want to enter the Kingdom of God) exampled by both Jesus, (John 3:5) and in Acts of Apostle Paul too, for us to know exactly HowWeBaptize to be adopted by God, as a Son or Daughter of God!

The Apostles Baptized 2ndBaptism Christians (twice) again because they were only Baptized in the name of Jesus, for not yet had the Holy Spirit descended upon them. Peter and John laid hands on them, and they received the Holy Spirit. (Acts 8:14-17) Faith without GodsHolySeal is dead. (James 2:17-26) GodsDoves remaining upon us is Gods Sign proving if we are SEALED with Gods Holy Seal. It's Gods choice, not a man's choice to decide if we are adopted or not, into Heaven.
(Eph 1:5)

Lucifer don't want you
Baptized right,
because he simply don't want you in Heaven. Isn't that his job?

Lucifer wants neither 144,000 nor the multitude of people you cannot number (Rev 7:9) from all nations and tribes, to be Baptized correctly, nor a second time (Acts 19:3-5) with the (Luke 3:22) Holy Spirit descending in the bodily form as a Dove.

Apostle Mary, is the good Angel
that has Gods Holy Seal
(Rev 7:2-3)
"And I saw another (good) Angel coming up from the rising sun (east) having a SEAL of the Living God and crying with a loud voice to the four (bad) Angels to whom it was given to harm...... Saying DO NOT HARM the.... until we SEAL the slaves (Christians) of the God of us upon their foreheads."
(Exact word for word ancient GREEK-English LearnReadGreek
.com translation.

Call NOW Apostle Mary 206-664-1945 for GodsHolySeal 2ndBaptism before it's too late (like the five virgins Matt 25:1-4) to receive GodsHolySeal upon your forehead TODAY!

If you did not see God's Holy Spirit descend upon you in the bodily form as a Dove, (Luke 3:22) then you too need to be re-Baptized GodsHolySeal 2ndBaptism again too.

Faith without GodsHolySeal is dead. (James 2:17-26) GodsDoves remaining upon us is Gods Sign proving we have received Gods Holy Seal, it's Gods choice, not a man's decision to decide our adoption into Heaven. (Eph 1:5)

GodsHolySEAL is His Holy Spirit adopting you!
"He that sent me to Baptize with water, said unto me whomever you see the Spirit Holy descending as a Dove and remaining upon, is the Baptizing in the Holy Spirit." (John 1:32-33) Having predestined us for adoption through Jesus Christ. (Eph 1:5) "you were SEALED with that Holy Spirit." (Eph 1:13)

"Baptiseal" PROOF!
Jesus as the biological Son of God His Father, cannot be adopted by His biological Father. Jesus was Baptized only for our example to know exactly HowWeBaptize.com

Jesus never asked us to learn from another man or any human being source. Jesus did not need Baptizing, but Jesus taught us HowWeBaptize
.com, but we just have not seen it.

God obviously has a choice whom to adopt, and whom not to adopt. God adopting you was never John the Baptizer's choice, not even Apostle Paul's decision to make. John Baptist clearly explained, (John 1:33)
"...the one having sent me to Baptize in water that one to me said, upon whomever you see the Holy Spirit descending and remaining upon... (in bodily torm as a Dove), this is the Baptizing in the Holy Spirit." (interlinear Greek-English translation) LearnReadGreek.com

God's Holy Spirit is the form as a Dove remaining upon him (them-us in the third person). Five witnesses prove it, (Matt 3:16, Mark 1:10, Luke 3:22, John 1:32, Acts 19:5), each example God's Holy Spirit Sealing, descending in the bodily form as a Dove, that you and I are then SEALED adopted by God! (Gal 4:5) Jesus called it "sealing the deal." This is the example Jesus made for us to follow, to achieve God's Seal in (Rev 7:3).

Baptism + GodsDoves
= STOP suicide!
Psychologist's PROVED IT!
Statistics prove writing (planning) a spiritual afterlife plan, stops suicide behavioral, google it!

Psychologist Dr. Motto proved, writing letters, texting, tweeting, prevents suicide. The "Rabbi Report," proved Jewish Mitzvot (Baptism) & writing a Last Will Testament, stopped Jewish choosing suicide in that synagogue. Veteran's SuicideBusters
.com works with high risk Veteran's, to focus on life, not suicidal behavioral.

Two years ago 22 Veteran's chose suicide everyday, national statistics report today, now only one Veteran chooses suicide every day, google it! The good news! re-Baptism with a Dove stops Veteran's suicidal behavioral. AMEN!

Here's the "Seal your forehead" secret (Rev 7:3)
God's Seal (Rev 7:3) "Seal on the forehead," is Baptizing your brain's frontal lobe, located in your forehead. This portion of your brain manages your thoughts, emotions personality, and it also controls your muscle movements.

"God's Seal on the forehead" is not a tattoo, the Bible does not condone tattoos. (Lev 19:28) (Amplified)
"Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print or tattoo any marks upon you: I am the Lord. This rules out the Seal of God is a mark."


WhiteDovesRelease has been with us before since Noah release three Doves. Pastor John incorporated ApostleMary.com charity, instituted releasing GodsDoves for weddings, Baptisms, funeral services, and other special events in the Southern California entertainment capital of the world, and now all United States, headquartered in Spokane Washington.

One of the most breathtaking GodsDoves releases, occurred in Southern California at Dodger Stadium on opening day April 10, 1962. GodsDoves have also appeared on Good Morning America, My Fair Wedding, Battle of the Wedding Designers, Semi-Homemade Wedding, and dozens of advertisements and music videos.

In 2019, ptior to the Covid epidemic, to curb 22 Veterans suicides per day, Apostle Mary filed for a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity organization, forming nonprofit for the SuicideBusters
.com to further promote Psychologist Dr. Motto's "writing concept for suicide prevention," coupled with the Rabbi Report, requiring his synagogue membership to complete a Last Will and Testament. With a tvilah, (the act of immersion in naturally-sourced water, called a mitzva (Baptism). Mitzva statistics show all suicides in that synagogue membership stopped suicide behavorial. Apostle Mary incorporated GodsDoves WhiteDovesRelease.com concept with writing Last Will Testament, and Baptism, combined is the necessary magic to stop Veteran's suicidal behavioral.

Today, Veteran's SuicideBusters
.com, Veteran's suicide prevention statistics report Veteran's suicide has dropped from 22 Vets per day to one Veteran suicide per day. Today statistics explain 21 Veteran's per day are now not choosing suicidal behavioral, google it!

.com Estate Planning, is formed as a fundraiser for combating Veteran's suicidal behavioral. Psychologist Dr Motto's, research discovery that both writing and planning a Last Will and Testament stops suicidal behavioral.

Plan your iEstating
Estate Sale, giving to the poor stops suicide behavioral, if Jesus is true, and He said, "give to the poor and you'll have treasures in Heaven waiting for you, Matt 6:19-21." What are you waiting for?

Today 100% GodsDovesRelease
.com and iEstating Estate Sales, proceeds go towards Apostle Mary 501(c)(3) nonprofit Veteran's suicide prevention SuicideBusters.com organization.

The beauty and awe of a GodsDovesRelease
.com is only attainable with WhiteDovesRelease.com Call now, to purchase GodsDoves release package for a Baptizm, wedding, funeral, memorial, or any other special occasion.

.com is happy to answer any questions about our services. GodsDoves is a tangible way to pay tribute to the virtues of peace, faithfulness, and Biblical purity!

Watching GodsDoves is absolutely breathtaking, No other bird carries a deeper Biblical symbolism than GodsDoves. No matter the event, spectators always find GodsDoves remarkable, their full of questions; "how do GodsDoves possess the ability to find their way home?" GodsDoves have beautiful explanations how they do find their way home, GodsDoves mate for life, they are the Biblical Godly symbolism of a happy marriage, because God chose the Dove in the beginning to represent the Holy Spirit in the form of a Dove, for weddings, Baptisms, special events, memorials, Christenings, ribbon cutting ceremonies, and all other special events too!

GodsDoves come from God' and return to God. Not one feather falls to the ground without the knowledge of God. (Matt 10:29-31)

GodsDoves release, serves all Washington State, and Idaho. In Seattle, King County, Spokane Inland Empire, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, now all of the USA, by appointment. Wherever you're located in the world, GodsDoves can and will travel to you, call for appointment today, GodsDoves 206-664-1945

We have several
WhiteDovesRelease packages available for Baptisms, Christianings, weddings, memorials, funerals, and other special ribbon cuting events too. Including trained magician GodsDoves for display to just sit perched looking beautiful for all to view. NEW NOW AVAILABLE "Church roof-top Doves" soaring above your event all day long from morning to dusk, the Holy Spirit descends in the form of GodsDoves. (John 1:32)
Which God you got?
666 or GodsHolySeal.com
What is (Rev-7:3) "God's Seal?"
If you don't know, how do you know?

God's Holy Seal = Holy Spirit = Baptism = GodsDoves = Your adoption. This is the only way into Heaven. (John 3:5) "Jesus said no one enters Heaven if not reborn with water & Spirit."

PROOF google it!
"God's SEAL is His Holy Spirit"
Jesus said only way to Heaven is Baptism. John 3:5
exampled us how to be Baptized. Matt 3:13-15
Holy Spirit descend as
Dove is Baptizing. John 1:33
Holy Spirit in bodily form is GodsDoves. Luke. 3:22
2nd Baptism, His
Holy Spirit came upon. Acts 19.6
Baptizing is God's Holy Spirit
adopting YOU. Gal 4:5
Having believed (Baptized) you are
Sealed. Eph 1:13
"God's pledge we're
adopted as His people." Eph 1:5
Harm only who
don't have God's Holy Seal. Rev 9:4
Lucifer don't want you in Heaven, that's his
only job!

2ndBaptism.com; Paul re-Baptized 12 Baptized Christian Disciples, because they didn't see the Holy Spirit. Paul laid his hands upon them, and God's Holy Spirit came upon them. (Acts 19:1-5) in the bodily form as a Dove. (Luke 3:22)

Lucifer does not want you in Heaven, that's his job!
He doesn't want you Baptized with a Dove remaining upon you. When you were Baptized, did a Dove remain upon you? (Luke 3:22)

If not, then you need Apostles Paul's
2nd Baptism (Acts 19:6). A Dove is God's sign for you, that God has either adopted you or not, i.e. (God did not adopt Herodias). Or how may you be certain? Because Church said all you need is faith? Jesus did not say you only needed faith. (John 14:17) (In this verse, Jesus is speaking to the 12 Disciples, not you). Evidence does not lie, people lie.

STOP! Hurt not the earth,
(Rev 7:2-4) Stop! Until we SEALED 144,000 and a multitude you can't count, and a multitude from all nations no one is able to number. Call to be SEALED at your Church. 206-664-1945

And I heard the number which were sealed: there were sealed 144,000 from the 12 tribes of the children of Israel..... (Rev 7:9-10)
And a great multitude, that no man can number, from all nations, kindreds, people, and tongues, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands; stood before the throne, of the Lamb, saying with a loud voice, Salvation to our God which sitteth on the throne of the Lamb.

John Baptist said “I have seen the Holy Spirit descend from Heaven in the form of a Dove.” (John 1:32)

Pick-up today 206-664-1945

GodsHolySeal (Rev 7:3)
(Rev 9:4) "Harm only those who
do not have
the Seal of God upon their forehead." (Luke 3:21-22) Baptized Holy Spirit descends as a dove from Heaven."
(Eph 1:13) "Holy Spirit seals you,"
Call NOW! 206-664-1945

Jesus meant: "Be Baptized Right"
(John 3:5) "I tell you for certain unless someone is born of water (Baptism) and Holy Spirit, (correctly) they are not able to enter into the Kingdom of God."
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Hold GodsDoves, if you have a prayer need, say your prayer, then return your Dove to God. If your faith is as tiny as a mustard seed, your prayer will be answered. "I have seen the Holy Spirit in the form of a Dove descending from Heaven." (John 1:32)
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Trust only GodsDoves to
fly safe, others may not.
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John Baptist is back!
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