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iEstating FAST-CASH SERVICE Estate Sales is a 50/50% 501(c)(3) nonprofit fundraiser, 50% goes to you, and 50% goes to Veteran's SuicideBusters.com earning you a tax deduction saving Veteran's.

Jesus said “If you want to be perfect, sell your possessions and give to the poor, you will have treasure in Heaven. Then follow me.” Matt 19:21

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fly safe, others may not.
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WhiteDovesRelease.com GodsDoves, is headquartered in Spokane Inland Empire, flying from Seattle, King County, WA, to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, and with advance notice will travel anywhere inside the continental USA, by appointment. 206-664-1945 (Text of Call)

Gift Certificates
Want to give the gift of a WhiteDovesRelease.com for whom you love? At GodsDoves we will be happy to prepare a gift certificate for the appropriate GodsDoves Release package. Please contact GodsDoves 206-664-1945 for more information on our Gift Certificate program.

WhiteDovesRelease, "GodsDoves" perform both indoors and outdoors, wherever your event is located. GodsDoves will fly to you anywhere within the Continental US. Trust only GodsDoves to fly safe, others may not.

WhiteDovesRelease service has been established since ancient times, as a premier source for GodsDoves professional ceremonial original WhiteDovesRelease for all Godly events.

Our spectacular full-service offers both indoor and out-door ceremonial WhiteDoveRelease
.com are conducted with professionalism, care, and attention to every detail.

GodsDoves releases, may be handled either by our professional service providers, or by you self releasing "Rent-A-Dove
.com" providing a more private ceremony for your event

GodsDoves are trained to ensure the GodsDoves are properly trained to fly home safely after they have been released at your event. You can be confident that after GodsDoves are released they return to their home loft and nest safely, where care and food is available by a professional Dove trainer.

You should never use pet-store birds for a dove release. Pet store doves are not trained to return to any home, and cannot survive when released to fly in the outdoors. Please do not attempt to do a WhiteDovesRelease using mail-order or pet store
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Did you see the Holy Spirit in the bodily form as a Dove? Paul Baptized Christians twice! (Acts 19:6)
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Statistics prove a Spiritual afterlife plan stops suicide behavioral, google it!

Psychologist Dr. Motto, proved writing prevents suicide. A "Rabbi Report," proved Mikva (Baptism) & writing a Last Will Testament, stopped everyone in that synagogue from choosing suicide behavioral, and Veteran's too!